Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you do?

We offer full service event planning for our clients.  Our extensive inventory includes inflatables, mechanical rides, concessions, tables, tents and chairs, interactive attractions and some of the best entertainers in the industry.  Give us a call and let us know what you have in mind, and we will put the pieces together and plan you an event that you will not forget! We specialize in large scale events that serve thousands, but we also love planning employee appreciation events and regularly scheduled events depending on the needs of our clients.  

How long have you done this?

In 1987, Pam and Owen Bullard purchased a new unheard of item that inflated with a blower and kids got inside to jump.  This was manufactured by a company that named this new concept a “Starwalk”. Pam and Owen took their new starwalk unit to arts and crafts festivals and charged $1 to jump.  People were impressed by this new invention and the industry that was previously unheard of, began to grow. In 1998, Starwalk purchased its first family sized mechanical ride, the Spin Out.  Finally, in 2019, the name and logo changed slightly and operations began running under the direction of Keith and Samantha Allen [Pam and Owen’s daughter].  

Why are you different?

We are different than many of our competitors for a few key reasons.

  1. Starwalk carries general liability, commercial auto and workers compensation insurance and a COI can be obtained that lists your location as an additional insured.  Many people do not realize that most rental companies do not carry insurance to protect you should somebody get hurt during your event. Rental companies that advertise “You pick up for less” often can do so because they are not paying for insurance or inspections.  
  2. We are state inspected.  Believe it or not, most event companies with inflatables are not required to be state inspected.  Due to some of our larger mechanical rides, we are inspected by the Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commission each year.  
  3. We are more than a rental office.  We take the time to help you plan ahead for your event.  Do you have power at your site? Do you need tables, tents, or chairs?  What about air conditioning? Do you have restrooms? These are all questions that we help answer all of the time.
  4. An overwhelming majority of our clientele is repeat customers.  We pride ourselves on keeping customers for years….and through decades. 
  5. We can plan just about any kind of event.  Even though a large part of our business is the carnival themed industry, we love planning Casino Nights, catered dinners,  arcade and virtual reality parties, as well as other themed parties.  

For more information, check out or e-mail or call (770) 502-1566. 

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