Work is a party for Newnan business

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 03/03/05

Shortly after Pam Bullard’s first daughter, Samantha, was born almost 19 years ago, Bullard wondered if there was a “perfect job” that would bring in extra money and allow her to spend time with her new baby.

She and her husband, Owen Bullard, created that job when they started Starwalk Events, a business that rents carnival rides and games for large events.


Starwalk Events owners Owen and Pam Bullard provide inflatables, rides and carnival games for birthday parties and the like. ‘I get paid to party,’ Pam Bullard says.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a school, church or community event, our business is all about bringing families together for a great day,” Pam Bullard said.

The company started when Owen Bullard suggested that his wife purchase an inflatable, the Starwalk model (the company’s namesake), and take it to birthday parties.

The business ballooned with more inflatables, rides and games.

“I get paid to party,” Pam Bullard said. “I have never had a job where everybody was excited to see me when I arrived.”

And while Pam Bullard tends to the party organizing, Owen Bullard maintains and sometimes designs new rides. One of his creations is the Power Shower, in which participants are doused with 30 gallons of water.

The Newnan residents live on 11 acres. They have a six-car carport that houses some of the rides, including the Flying Tug, the Whirly Bird and the Rock ‘n’ Roller.

Inflatables, such as the Moonwalk and giant slides are stored in a quonset hut-type structure.

It costs $1,500 to $50,000 to rent the equipment. During the busy months, April through December, the Bullards employ about 20 part-timers who help set up the rides and games and work the events.

Pam Bullard said she’ll get on any of the rides except the Rock ‘n’ Roller.

On it, four riders sit facing each other in a circle. They lean back and forth and make the ride rock. The momentum causes the ride to flip upside down.

“I just don’t like the idea of being totally out of control,” Bullard said.

The Bullards’ younger daughter, Meghan, has a different opinion. She recently had a 14th birthday party complete with rides and games.

“I think the Rock ‘n’ Roller was the best ride, because I just like feeling sick in the stomach,” she said. “It’s what makes it fun.”

Madison Welch, another partygoer, said the party was “awesome.”

“The best part was that we didn’t have to wait in lines to get on the rides, which is the worst part of going to a fair,” she said. “I really hope she does it again next year because everybody had a blast.”

Daughter Samantha Bullard works on the weekends. She’s worked since she was a little girl.

“I wouldn’t want to have grown up any other way,” she said. “I just think of it as one of those special jobs where I don’t think of it as work.”

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